Week 11

I don’t know why.. but the challenges keep on building. So today the nagging was done, and I just feel worthless. Worthless. And guilty. Well those are signs of depression. Am I depressed? I don’t know.

Anyways, forget about the nagging. Doesn’t matter anyway. Those who nag never even observed me before, so yeah. I don’t bloody care man.

By the way, I taught grammar today. Simple Past Tense. But I think it was messy. I was not organized.. The kids don’t really understand what I tried to deliver. Maybe because the organization of my lesson and my instructions. I asked them to list down affirmative statements from the lyrics.. I explained to them what is affirmative statements but I guess the word is just too foreign to them. So I asked them about the negative statements first, easier to detect. Then, affirmative statements, and lastly the yes/no questions. Okay, I guess it’s okay, just a recap for them because they already know about it actually.

Later I’ll have to give them some exercises to see whether they still remember about the things they’ve learnt.

  1. Simple Present Tense
  2. Present Continuous
  3. Simple Past Tense
  4. Past Participle
  5. Past Continuous

Only then I can proceed with other grammatical items. Well. Wish me luck!! Because you know what. I love these kids and I want them to learn well.


Againsts The Imperialists

They are coming, but none believes me. It stirs and reciprocates within me, I can sense the danger. Am I to be blame for this? The power I accidentally used on one of their kind. I was doing my job back then, when a man aimed something long and slender with a hollow opening at me. His machine looked weird; I have never seen something like it before. As I am now, I could sense the threat seconds before it happened. I dodged a small bullet that came out of the hollow opening and teased him with my water-bending skill, chasing him away from the swamp. My power is developing and it grows stronger day by day.

This power I have is accidental and I thought it will fade through the days but no. It stays and brazened itself, clinging to me. A fortnight ago, I found an exquisite gemstone shining through the sea. It was so beautiful that I could not resist taking it from where it was placed. The gem felt cold when I put it on my palm. Suddenly, it changed its colour and I felt queer, like something was creeping through my veins. That was when I knew that there was something different about me now that I acquired some sort of magic power from the gemstone. That night alone, I managed to clean the whole straits of Malacca just by swimming in it. How cool was that? But, I have to keep this to myself. The palace had banned the use of magic long ago, after the magic itself brought havoc to this land.

I tried telling my friends about this guts that bore me away from my sleep and appetite but they laughed at me, saying I worry too much, confident of the safety of the straits on their watch. Everyone in Malacca called us ‘Orang Laut’ and they entrusted us to maintain the safety of the strait. Frustrated, I gave up trying to warn them.

One misty morning, the instinct is more vigorous than before. I dismiss the thought and go to the strait to catch some fish, as usual, when a sudden shockwave tumbles all of our boats. We are being bombarded by the Portuguese. I knew it, they will be coming back for us. Our land is rich and this reason alone is enough to lure them to conquer our land. They keep on attacking us, using their very powerful cannon which we do not have. Panic, all of my friends try to save themselves but I am well aware that none could survive that kind of weaponry if it continues blasting steels. Impulsively, I use my magic to meddle with the movement of the water and toppled the Portuguese’s vessel, just like that. We never see the Portuguese again, but I know that there will be more of them, stronger than before, trying to avenge for their dead associates. Great. Now everyone knows I have the power.

This happening reaches the Sultan’s ears and it spreads all over Malacca and there is absolutely nothing I can do about it. Some see me as their hero, but some say that I should be exiled as it is an act of defiance against the palace. Of course, the Sultan wants to meet me, and I do not know what to expect. My fate is in his hands and I will never harm my Sultan no matter what happens because he truly is the best among the rest. The people of Malacca live in peace and prosperity because of his intelligence in planning and organizing the land.

The Sultan himself comes to my house, inviting me to his palace. He welcomes me with a warm smile and courtesy. Well, a good start indeed. I thought that magicians – except for me – do not exist in this land anymore. It is shocking to know that my kind, magicians, are all over Malacca and they have been gathered by the Sultan, to create an army, for this kind of desperate situation. The Sultan has been planning to unban the use of magic since he first held the throne but the ministers are against this. Although he is the most powerful person here, he believes in democracy. Now that the incident happens, he has a solid reason to banish the law.

He knows that the Portuguese will come again, to take hold of Malacca, and he does not want that to happen. We – magicians – are his sole hope in restoring and maintaining peace of this land of magic. So he set a place specially for us to practise our magic. Some have not use it for quite some time and it takes time for them to get used to utilizing it again. As for me, I become their trainer. My magic seems to be more powerful than theirs. Rumour has it that one who actually touches the stone will be more powerful than the others. So I guess that is the reason. I wonder where the gemstone is now. Shocked, the gemstone slipped away from my hands and the tide was suddenly high that fateful night, severing it away from me.

The day has come. Our watchmen who have been prepared for days stay near the swamp in order to alert the others. The Portuguese are coming. The watchmen send representatives to go to the palace to alarm everyone and luckily they do so quickly. Every second counts.

I become their admiral and I lead them to the place where the war begins. We have set up traps along the straits and are confident that it will be able to hold them for a while, though not for long. The ships keep on coming endlessly and they bombard us using their cannons. The straits of Malacca are now full of scattered debris of the housing nearby it. Thank God everyone has evacuated the place. Now, it is our turn.

I briefed them before the war begins and they know well enough on what they have to do. The first magician fleet envelops all of the vessels with water of the strait. They use every inch of force they have and the attack from the Portuguese is put to a halt, when spherical steels abruptly pierced through the water and hit some of the magicians. It is horrifying to see this scene before my eyes. Blood is everywhere. The magicians with healing power save whomever they can save and tend to their injuries. But I cannot be discouraged. Before they get to make another move, I command the second fleet of magician to freeze the water. We have to act fast. Hence, the last magician that will put this war to an end is me. I gathered all my force and magic to summon the power from mother nature. A mighty lightning strikes the frozen vessels and breaks them into pieces. The ultimate peace for this glorious country has now been restored.



In Her Own World

The deafening sound of trains pierced through as I walked past the platform. People rushed into the man-made machine as if their lives hung on to it. I stopped to take a breath. In and out, I watched closely as they pushed each other, oblivious to the shaking old woman, searching her way in the midst of a progressive havoc. Concern, a young lady wrapped her arms around the shrunken shoulders and they pressed through the crowd together. Protecting her frail figure like ribs enveloping the heart. Humans can be selfish and mean at times.

I slowly eased my way towards the nearest bus stand where the buses await me.  The bag pack I had been carrying bothered me so much that I have to let it rest on the bench for a while. School has ended and now I had to spend months at home before pursuing my studies in a public university of my choice. It was raining; the weather slowed me down but my spirit was actually pumped up. My parents, my sister. My special, beautiful sister. I was looking forward to this day where I can actually spend some time with her and care for her although I had to leave her soon.

She was always different from other siblings. Diagnosed with autistic disorder which made it hard for her to utter words properly, or even think properly when she was just 3 years old. Her thinking was far beyond our reach and she, was always in her own world. Back then, I was too young and stupid to even try to comprehend her unique ways of living. “Bulat, bulat, bulat” she would repeat those words without fail. I was always wondering what the word meant to her.

I handed the ticket I bought earlier to the bus driver and quickly ascended the bus to find my seat. Looking out of the murky window, I believe that I was searching for something I had lost years ago when the hormones kicked in. Unconditional love and compassion. As an autistic person, her episodes of tantrums challenged those around her and as a sister, I failed to embrace her traits and spat words I regretted till the day I die.

One afternoon, my father was out for his Friday prayer and I was left home with my mother and my sister. I was sitting right in front of the television when I was hit hard at the back of my head. It was my sister and her tantrum again. Anger struck me and I said things I should not said but I did. She stared hard at me with a rather confused face and abruptly burst into tears. Her tantrum worsened as she started banging every single thing around her. My mother was helpless. Her strength doubled when her tantrum took over. I knew I had to act before she wrecked the whole house. That was the moment when it came to me that all she needed was love, nothing more. I hugged her, locked her hands. She stopped crying and babbled words that I, for the first time, understood.

As pure as the cotton, never will she be contaminated. I thought I was better than her. Little did I know that her place was far out of reach. I pictured her face as the bus lulled me to sleep. See you, sister.

Shadow Beneath

It was dark outside and the silence between them tensed the moment, pushing Amirah towards the verge of a vertigo. She never thought that it would end up this way, but it did. Slowly, she wiped her tears from her dumbfounded face and stood, to leave Azman and their memories here, in her favourite sushi place he reserved; just to dump her and left her speechless. “I do love you, Mira” he said, “We’re just not meant to be together…”. Azman tried to continue his sentence when Amirah left without a word. She dismissed everything he said and thought that he had fall for another. Azman attempted to stop her but it was too late.

Amirah heard him said “Wait!” but it was too overwhelming for her. She had to leave the place quick. Her fragile heart was broken and never will she ever be the same again. She was walking home alone, crying her heart out for Azman, when she saw a man wearing a black sweater forcing a girl to get into an abandoned building near the dark alley. The girl’s mouth was covered but her expression told Amirah everything. Luckily, the man did not see her, and she, too, did not manage to see the man’s face. The girl needed help; fast. Amirah was a female rookie police and thinking that she had all the abilities to save the helpless girl, she went inside the building alone, without calling for backup.

She brought out her pistol in case she needed it. Slowly, she opened the door, only to find that it was pitch-dark, no light shining through at all. She came to her senses and knew well enough that she required help but the door behind her mysteriously shut itself and clicked, the latch was fastened. Amirah tried to unlock the door, shaking it hard, hit it using the base of her pistol but to no avail. Plus, the darkness limited her vision and she was not a fan of dark places but she had to stay strong, it was just a dark place, nothing more. She had to find the girl and saved her.

Amirah was determined and the most sensible thing to do now was to keep moving forward, there was no way back. Her phone was not functioning inside the building. Zero coverage. Surely, there must be a place where the man captivated the girl and that was her goal for now; searching for the place. She was groping through the place; hold on to whatever her hands could find. Convinced that the space had no corners, she held on to the metal railings and moved ahead. “Everything’s gonna be alright, just follow the railings,” she calmed herself. It did not take long for the situation to get worse.

There was a flight of stairs in front of her and she was not aware of that. She stumbled upon something hard, lost her footing and her grip on the metal railings. She fell hard and landed on her face. It was a long flight of stairs and it led to a basement which was illuminated only by candles. Temporary unconsciousness spun her head around and when she realized that the basement smelt of fresh sweat and urine she felt like vomiting but she held it in. At least, it was not dark and these were signs of human presence.

Amirah had a shock of her lifetime when she actually witnessed a horrifying sight of various tools and devices for torturing, scalping and cutting. Saw, knives, all sorts of knives, they were everywhere. She learnt about these tools when she was doing her tertiary education, and the seniors had shown her before. There was even a sickle; God knows what it was doing there. Not only that, there were also rooms here and they were lighted up. She could see the light sneaking through the doors and she thought she heard a girl crying.

Amirah attempted to brace and steady herself so that she could have a look on what this wicked place had more in store. She could not erase the girl’s face from her vision, wondering what the man was going to do to her and hoped that they would be out of this place together; unharmed. The girl seemed familiar; looked like someone whom they had been searching for. A case of a missing person. Her pace was slow, as an effect from the fall. She reached for something to grip on and took the stick nearby to help her balance herself. The doors had see-through glasses and what she saw next was unbelievable.

There were girls inside the rooms and she knew all of them! Her department had been searching for these girls for weeks now, after reports of missing people sky-rocketed these few months. The girls were tied up on bunkers, unable to move. Apparently, they were kidnapped by the same person which was the main suspect of this case. The police had been investigating him for quite some time now, but there was no concrete evidence to convict him. He was the man all along. Amirah recognized the black sweater he always wore. This was the biggest case she ever handled and she would put an end to this. Before she could unlock the doors to release the girls, something struck her head and left her unconscious again.

She was still in a daze when she regained consciousness inside a sinister and filthy room. Once more, a sickening sight for her, when she saw humans’ organs were put in jars, exhibited like they were some kind of action figures. This time around, panic attack was on its way, knocking Amirah’s senses all over the place to end up puking her sushi dinner. She was strapped on a chair, could barely move. Her pink t-shirt and jeans were removed, left only her lingerie to cover her private parts. It was terribly cold and she prayed and prayed that a miracle would strike this appalling place, and she would be saved before any harm could be done. That was the only thing she could do and was capable of for now.

Seconds after, a shadow blocked the doorway and a smell of receded sweats enveloped the room. She was not ready for this and she definitely did not want to encounter that menacing person who killed several girls and amputated them, took some parts of them to be displayed in a jar. Only a sick-minded person would do that and she would not dare looking at the man. “Well, hello there!” he greeted Amirah with good humour, followed by a rather disturbing laugh that would haunt her for as long as she lived.

“Was it fun snooping around people’s property? I really don’t like to be disturbed.” His voice was harsher now, demanding an explanation. Amirah kept quiet, pretending not to listen to whatever he had to say.“Pretty baby, I’m asking you, what the hell are you doing here?” He insisted, accompanied by a hard smack across her face. Her mouth bled but she kept on wearing her poker face, to intimidate the abuser and not letting him get the satisfaction of hitting a woman. But she wondered how long would this poker face of hers would stay.

She felt like screaming but she concealed it from the psychopath, knowing that weaklings feed to his desires. The man was holding a sickle she saw earlier. This was not going to go well for her, she whispered to herself. Her body was reflexively shaking and she felt breathless. The curved and sharp metal triggered her terror switch as she was indeed had this phobia, a morbid fear of sharp objects, aichmophobia. The poker face she wore shed itself and she was now crying her heart out, screaming, as the gruesome man leisurely and clumsily brought the object nearer to her face. He laughed menacingly hard when he saw her flinched. Blood was dripping from her left cheek, traced its way to her mouth, then, to her pale, bared skin. The pain stung her.

Amirah almost fainted when the man abruptly put her cold hands around her neck, in position of choking her to death, fracturing her neck until she could suffer no more. She was struggling to free herself and clawed the man’s face and grimy hands in the process. Nothing could save her now. Her life was on a very thin line and she knew that it was about to snap anytime now when a loud thump awoke her. Amirah thought she heard his voice, saving her from the grasp of the monster, demanding him to surrender and step away from her. The room became blurry, her eyes, ears, her whole system were rapidly shutting.

Azman covered Amirah’s figure using a blanket and carried her to safety, away from this sinister and filthy place. He could not contain his feelings anymore. Tears were bursting and he regretted his doings hours ago towards the love of his life. Leaving her was never his idea but her mother insisted him to marry someone else, someone more feminine. He loved both of them and he thought that obeying his mother was the best thing to do. How stupid he was. Persuasion was never his forte but he would make an effort for his mother to accept Amirah for who she was. It was fortunate that he followed her back home. He had this uneasy feeling stirring his nerves and when Amirah went into the building, he had to save her but it was too late. The door latched itself and he was left flabbergasted by the incident. He was a police too, thus he called for backup. It took them hours to realize that there was a basement confining girls of all ages, including his Amirah.

Azman was grateful that all the girls were now sheltered from the monster who tortured them for satisfaction. He now prayed that his love would wake up again, with a smile on her face, saying that she loved him too.

Something About You

Heart never lies.

Neither do feelings.

The more you deny,

The stronger it clings.


Falling for you is inevitable –

Neither do hurt.

Wishing you’ll be mine,

Is totally absurd.


She looks at you,

The way you look at her.

It hurts more than when I had my first fall.

It hurts but nobody knows, nobody actually cares.


I guess,

Pretending is my best shield from you.

At times, things happened

Not the way you want it.

The flow is set.

The best is yet to come –

Finding its way back to you.

The Remedy

Seeking for a remedy

Searching for my muse

Enwrapped in a melody

Tuned by the loops


Different dimensions

Same purpose

Divergent interpretations

Lost between shuffled playlist


Dittoed lines

Ingested through my heart

Sieved along with time

Until they no longer rhyme



Lurking somewhere is the hunter

His masquerade works like wonder

Deceiving brainwashed caregiver

Leaving them dumb—founded

And sadly for some, shut.

Preparing for the attack

Slowly creeps into the cracked safety box.

In a split second, the damage’s done.

No longer will it be the same

No longer will he be sane.

Does he know remorse?

Awoke in the middle of the night

Shedding tears for the lost of innocence?

But wait.

Nothing will ever be the same.



It was the Edutechnovation Day! Finally..

We came to Dewan Budiman, bright and early. This was the day that we had been waiting for.

Alhamdulillah, we had finished with the final project. Credits to all of my group members, they did their best! I would not trade them for others, really. They are the best.

The posters were displayed for the judges to evaluate. Everyone’s poster was great, I tell you. Are you Nomophobic? — That was the title written on our poster. The name nomophobic itself captured attentions.

This is the poster :

Copy of School Campaign Flyer Template-1

As I was watching other groups’ videos, I was like — wow — theirs were awesome. Teslians could do more than just speaking English, you know! I am proud to be one of them. All videos consist of inspiring and educational messages.

When our turn came, all of my group members and I went to the front. Sharimah did the pitching part as she wanted to do so so badly and she is very good in speaking.


Then, we played our video.. Nervous — but satisfying. We had worked hard for it and Alhamdulillah the product was unbelievably good! A lecturer came to me and said I am a good actor. Wow. Haha. Thank you very much for the compliment, Dr. Azlin hehe.

The video :

Are you Nomophobic?

Guess what — we achieved second place! The first place winner is Natasha’s group.. They deserved it, and we deserved it too! Hehe.


Claudia, our camerawoman was absent that day. Huhu.

I guess, that’s the end of it. I would like to thank :

  1. Dr. Rosseni
  2. Dr. Fariza
  3. Dr. Khalid
  4. Fatihah
  5. Hasmirah
  6. Sharimah
  7. Nora
  8. Claudia

For contributing so much in helping me to go through this course and for everything. I appreciate it so much. Thank youu. Also, much appreciation to Naqib, AS, Aishah Ismail, Afif and other classmates. Thank you so much. Till we meet again.. 🙂


A week before the Edutechnovation Day.. Such a long name. Haha. Today, we discussed about the anticipated day.

We just knew that we will be handling the Edutechnovation Day but it was not surprising. Hence, we discussed about the tentative and the division of tasks during the day.

3rd of June 2016 is the date chosen, falls on Friday.

Hm.. A week’s preparation.. But it’s okay. I know that we can do it. Most of my classmates are used to handling programs. I would love to help much in this but I just can’t. I was just too busy with other program, the faculty’s annual dinner.

Thus, I will help in any ways I could.

Naqib was chosen as the head of the program and alongside him was Fikri, his assistant. Secretary, AS Farah.. I believe in them. Then, the tasks division were made according to groups. My group will be the one which will handle multimedia and technical purposes of the day.

We have to compile pictures of the whole class, from the beginning of the semester until the end — a montage. To be honest, I have never done this before but I know my group mates will teach me how to do so. Do pray for us.. Thank you!



We were moving fast towards the end of the course.. This week, we showed our progress again.

All groups had almost finished shooting and we were all in the post production period. We had learnt how to edit videos so everyone did not have so much trouble in doing so. All groups showed their chosen footage — same case here for our group.

Once again, we displayed shots that we had chosen and those we might use for the final product. It was mediocre, yes, and that was why we showed them. To gather feedback so that we could improve.

After listening to comments before, changes were made. We focused on the problems and solutions to them. One comment that I remembered most in this class came from Dr. Fariza. She said that we did not have enough shots per scene. There should be more angles taken and all. Yes, we forgot about that and I agreed with her.

We had much work to do in order to improve our final video project. We will try harder. Yes we will.